Bind Off Help

I have knit to the end of the yarn for my Red Scarf Project scarf. (Hmm I need a more original name…) At any rate I now have umm not enough yarn or just barely enough yarn for a purl bind off. Any ideas out there for bind offs that take little to no yarn? If I start at the end of my row where there is no working yarn and just loop the stitches over one another (kind of like a slipped crochet stitch) until I get to the end with the yarn and then just pull the working yarn through the last loop will that work?

In other news – it’s December! I am now about to embark upon a crazy knitting frenzy (and some secret crochet)~! There’s test knitting, 2 ninjas, a pair of socks and a Grumpasaurus that all need to be completed by Christmas. Not to forget my cozy cashmere hand warmers. I want those ready for Christmas eve mass! 🙂

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