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I have been struggling with the mouse on my PC for several months now (the scrolling wheel won’t scroll up) and I may have broken the stands on my keyboard a couple of months back. I kept telling myself that I would go get a new mouse and keyboard soon. Today was finally the day, we headed off to Target and while I waded through the horror that is printer ink, the boy located the keyboards and mice. ~ As a side note, I feel that printer ink should last for more than just one ream of paper, heck none of them even purport to last for a ream of paper! ~ Most of the keyboards for sale were all fancy pants and wireless. It appears it is time for me to move on up in the world and get with the times. πŸ˜‰ I was mulling over which keyboard to buy when I realized that the Logitech mouse/keyboard set was on sale for $15. And sold! The boy even picked up a set for himself. We’ll use it in the basement to watch our Netflix movies because we are so hi tech. Some day we may even get a TV with resolution clear enough to read the Netflix menu. πŸ˜‰ Once we got home we plugged them in to check out if they would work with our individual needs – I needed mine to work with my KVM switch and the boy needed to be able to game with his mouse. All was well. I can even scroll up! It’s very exciting for me. πŸ˜€

Now, the boy is complaining that his mouse is squeaking…we’ll see if it’s still squeaking in the morning. Silly boy.

In other news, that riddle from yesterday, it’s gotten worse. I am totally going to run out of yarn and I can’t decide if I should just rip it out now at 28″ and just re-knit the yarn into a new pattern. Or if I should block the scarf long or if I should just write a note apologizing to whomever receives the scarf for its short stature and give them some ideas on how to wear it all fancy like. Sigh.

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