The boy on Addi turbo needles:

Knit faster we are going up a hill!

The boy on my business trips:

So when are you going to Texas and Germany? That way I know when I need to stock up on food because you will be gone and I will starve.

The boy on stinky feet:

Why do stinky feet and butter smell the same?

From The Incredibles:

Luck favours the prepared.

Word of the day:

the boy: I usually read the periodicals.

me: is that your big word for today?

the boy: No, it was sphincter but I couldn’t find a way to use it.

The boy on trademarks:

I am going to trademark “the”. Everytime someone uses “the” they have to pay me a penny. I will become a bajillionaire.

The boy on the GPS Unit lady

me: Did the GPS Lady get you to Fiberworks ok?

the boy: Yeah, but then she started hitting on me.

The boy on my knitting while I am working on his sweater:

the boy: I am glad you found knitting. Otherwise you would probably drive me crazy.

me: I wish you would find a hobby. 😉