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It’s all gone!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a random Tuesday off so I could go get my haircut by my favorite stylist before she moves away to Buffalo. I also decided it was finally time to take the … Continue reading

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Game Nights

We started hosting game nights at our home last summer and I’ve really grown to enjoy them. Along with the launch of the Geek and Sundry channel was a new show TableTop¬†– they just got picked up for a second … Continue reading

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A dog for us

As some of you know, the boy and I are actively involved in a local dog rescue – ADOPT. We love fostering and rehabilitating dogs so that they can have a chance to find a loving forever home. Recently, we … Continue reading

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All the Crafty Things

Lately, I have been feeling like I am drowning in craft supplies. The boy and I have started having game nights (partly inspired by Tabletop) and in an effort to create more room in the basement for game nights I’ve … Continue reading

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Living in the Future

Growing up I used to spend my summer watching awesome shows like Designing Women, the Golden Girls and re-runs of Strong Man competitions. There was one particular episode of Designing Women where they acquired a phone that allowed for video … Continue reading

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