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House Work

So for those of you who have been to my house before, can you tell what’s missing in this image? Perhaps this image will help. 🙂 There is a suscpicious lack of wallpaper and a dividing rail between the two … Continue reading

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The Year of the Purge

The boy and I spent some quality time in the last week of 2011 doing a serious clean up of our spare bedroom. Over the course of the last year it had morphed into the catch all room where we … Continue reading

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Summer Projects

In May, the boy started a new job closer to home that allows him to have more time at home on a daily basis, which has just been wonderful. In June they switched his schedule to Sun-Thurs so now he … Continue reading

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Closet Re-org

Over the weekend and during the week last week the boy and I dismantled the closet in my office, painted and hung new shelving. Prompted by a request from me to hang a decorative shelf over my sewing machine table … Continue reading

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For my 4th of July four day weekend we transformed this sadly purple room into a vibrant happy yellow room. 🙂 This room was one of the two rooms I was less than thrilled with when we bought this house … Continue reading

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