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Polaroid Block Tutorial

I’ve been part of the #superawesomequiltbee this year and it’s been so much fun! You can see photos of the blocks we’ve made using the hashtag on Instagram. I picked November as my month because birthdays in my family start … Continue reading

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Last week I participated in the #honestcraftroomies Tuesday night Periscope hop. We talked about our favorite designers and I showed off the Alison Glass Handcrafted prints that brought me to her work. I may be overindulging at this point but … Continue reading

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Making things

Hello! It’s been a minute. My technology hasn’t caught up with my dream world wherein the blogs I write in my head show up on the blog perfectly formatted with stunning pictures. Some day, maybe. I’ve made a few things … Continue reading

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Sew Together Bag

I’ve been wanting to make this bag since I first saw several of them at Camp Stitch-a-lot in November. I started on this one in December as a birthday gift for my friend Tammy. Alas, I was rushing a bit too … Continue reading

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Surprise! (Or maybe not so much now…)

So, I’ve written this post tons of times in my head but apparently never sat down and wrote it on the computer. I figured out what was causing my August dry spell. It ended up being a bit more of … Continue reading

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