Hi this is LittleWit and I like to knit. I didn’t mean to rhyme, you can blame my Uncle.

This is my blog to write about my life in Central Ohio and to keep tabs on my forays into the knitting world. Presently, I spend much of my time perusing the forums on Ravelry.

When I am not knitting or playing on the interweb, I can be found cooking, attending family functions and vegging to movies. I also dabble in some of other craft worlds, sewing, quilting and crocheting – but not that much.

I always eat my food in multiples of two.

The tags livejournal, xanga and myspace are for blogs that I wrote on each of those sites respectively and are representative of me in those time frames. I may have matured since then, I may not have! 😉

Please feel free to contact me using the form below: