Sew Together Bag

I’ve been wanting to make this bag since I first saw several of them at Camp Stitch-a-lot in November. I started on this one in December as a birthday gift for my friend Tammy. Alas, I was rushing a bit too much amid all of the holiday crafting and managed to break my sewing foot (mad skills, I have). I then grounded myself from sewing until it was replaced. heh.
Sigh. I may need to take a long hiatus from sewing. Managed to break a needle and my favorite foot. #woe Maybe it's time for some knitting...

Once I got my new foot and I worked myself up to sewing again I found doing just a little bit each day and following the Quilt Barn sew-along allowed me to complete it without breaking anything else. haha. I am trying to get better about portioning out my sewing tasks instead of marathoning them. Although marathoning does tend to be my mode of operation.





I’m really pleased with how it turned out and have another one under wraps. I need to make one for myself too! 🙂

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