Surprise! (Or maybe not so much now…)

So, I’ve written this post tons of times in my head but apparently never sat down and wrote it on the computer. I figured out what was causing my August dry spell. It ended up being a bit more of an intense dry spell than the usual summer slow down. Turns out I was having the first trimester blahs. haha. go figure.

We’re pretty excited. I think that’s the right word. Excited, terrified, busy planning, making room, in slight denial, you know, all the normal emotions. 😉

My second trimester came and I started crafting up a storm again. I made some things for the home, for friends, for other babies, and for the holidays. Now, I’m into my third trimester and steadily working toward my Evernote of things to make for the nursery. I would like to announce that I have successfully checked off 3 baby sweaters from my list. (And at this point, no more baby sweaters are “scheduled” before my delivery date.)

And all three of these have been knit since the New Year. Turns out baby sweaters knit up quickly! Even newborn sweaters in fingering weight.

From left to right:

Newborn Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker in leftover Knit Picks fingering weight that a friend dyed for me awhile ago for a sweater for me.
Wee Envelope by Ysolda in yarnchef Cider in Tiger Energy and Light Roast. These are also leftovers from one of my sweaters. haha
Wyatt by Kelly Herdrich in Jill Draper Makes Stuff Hudson in Bing Cherry. I bought this lovely yarn at Rhinebeck this year and now I want to knit something for myself with the leftovers!

I foresee another slowdown in crafting around April. Three guesses as to why and the first two don’t count. 😉 But hopefully once everything gets sorted and settled I’ll have more awesome and modeled things to share. 🙂

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