Craftmas in July

Mary Heather posted over on her blog a week or two ago about a plan she cooked up with Sarah, and Christina of Ravelry. They’re going to work on holiday projects in July so by the holidays they’ll have awesome homemade decor. Since I’ve been on such a quilting tear lately this immediately sounded like a great idea. Then of course I remembered the Tour de Fleece starts July 5 so it looks like I’ll be splitting time between these two challenges. My husband is used to picking up the household chore slack in July by now. haha. 🙂

I have some awesome Christmas print FQ bundles that I want to turn into a quilt. The ultimate goal being to have a quilt for each season. 🙂 Right now, I am just stuck. I can’t decide what color I want my sashing/borders to be to go with this print. I was trying to stay away from white because it just seems that’s the modern world’s default go to sashing color. haha. 🙂 But for these prints, it may be the right color so as to not over power the other bright and cheerful colors!

What color for the sashing?

Any other color ideas?

I am also having trouble deciding from all of the quilt patterns I have queued up. I am thinking about Framed or Swell from Simply Retro, Trellis Crossroads from Modern Bee, or Pow-Wow from Cluck Cluck Sew. I really wish the quilting world had a Ravelry so I could make a nice little queue out of all the beautiful patterns I see on instagram and pinterest.

The rest of this week is all about knitting while I spend some time with family over the holiday. However, come Sunday, it’ll be all sewing and spinning around here with the occasional bit of knitting when I am out and about in the world.

Do you have plans to partake in Craftmas in July? What are you making?

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