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Last summer when I found out that my friend Saz was expecting I was compelled to make a sweet baby quilt for her. I found a great baby quilt tutorial from Mama Doan and then the boy and I dug through my charm pack club packages to find the right fabric line for Saz. We decided on Good Fortune by Kate Spain and we may have also pre-emptively picked out fabric for other friends, whenever they decide to hop on the baby train. 😉

Since we were going to be in Scotland in Aug/Sep I pushed myself to finish the quilt before we left so I could take it with me. 🙂 Amazingly enough I was able to knock it out along with another baby quilt and a baby sweater for some other friends.

The layout I figured out had a rather large inner border so I decided to try my hand at stenciling a design in and tracing it. I created a template based on a cabled pattern in one of my books, traced it on the quilt and stitched the outside borders. Then I went back and filled in the center bits on each side. I back tacked at the end of each point and then moved the quilt to the next part that needed stitching. At the end I had to go back and clip all the long threads between each center bit but it looked like a cable!

One side quilted

stitching on the inner border

Of course I forgot to take a proper finished photo. I have a really grainy cell phone photo but no one wants to see that. I swiped this photo from Saz’s flickr feed. It also includes a picture of the little recipient – baby Alana.


Baby Alana enjoying her quilt. 🙂

I also knit up a wee cria as a test knit for Ysolda which I also gifted to Saz. The FO shots are from Scotland after I finally sewed the buttons on (in the car on the way to her mum’s house! haha).



Finished baby Cria

Finished wee cria for Saz.

I think I’d like to make a few more wee Crias to have on hand as gifts. I should go stash diving to see what yarns I have. 🙂

Have you made any awesome gifts lately or even not so recently, since these are from last August?

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