Sweaters for Siblings

My sister is expecting her second child in June and I thought it might be fun to knit matching sweaters for the siblings. I found some super bright pink Rios yarn at a going out of business sale last year and snatched up a sweater quantity for my niece Fia. Turns out it was a good match for the Abate pattern by Alicia Plummer which is also a lovely unisex pattern that can be matching without being matchy match. I bought a lovely red yarn for the future baby and sought about figuring out how to size the sweater down for 12-18 mos ish.

Once I saw the gauge and needle size recommendation I figured it wasn’t going to be easy to just cast on 2 needle sizes smaller and wing it. So I swatched dutifully for Fia’s sweater and knit hers up first. That way I could be sure where the right spots were for making the baby sweater smaller.

The last sweater I knit for Fia was a bit short on the arms when I gave it to her and since she’s nearly 6 she’s still growing a lot. I decided to make the 8 yo size so hopefully she and baby sibling can wear their sweaters at the same time next winter. I also had Fia try her sweater on twice, blindfolded. haha. I really just wanted to be sure the sleeve length was going to be long enough and the first time when I measured her sleeve length it didn’t line up with how the sleeve length is measured in the pattern.

The baby version of the sweater knit up quickly. I knit it with a DK weight yarn, cast on with the 6 yo size numbers, and knit to about .5″-1″ smaller than the 2 year old measurements. The lovely thing about babies is that they start out small and grow. so at some point, this sweater will fit the baby. Hopefully it’s a cooler month! 😀

I gave Fia her sweater at my sister’s baby shower this past weekend and she dutifully modeled it for me. 🙂 She also said “Wow!” as she pulled it out of the gift bag. So hopefully she’ll continue to enjoy the things I make for her. I may have to switch to sewing though! Her sweater’s finished measurements was only about 8″ smaller than mine! haha.

Fia in her Abate

Fia in her Abate

all of the giggles

The drawstrings really make the sweaters. They both transformed overnight when I wove in all the ends and added the drawstrings. No modeled photos of the little sweater yet – for what I hope are obvious reasons. hah!

Baby Abate

What are you making these days?

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