Dreaming of Knits

With some prodding from a friend and Ohio finally being warm enough to prompt putting on my favorite maxi dress from last summer, I am dreaming of all of the knits – knit fabrics that is. I tried to sew with knits once before but at the time I didn’t really know what I was doing and I think I was treating them too much like a woven fabric. Colette recently released some knits patterns and a book on sewing with knits. I’ve thumbed through my friend’s copy of the book and am definitely planning to buy it as soon as I sit down and pay for it. haha. I also acquired the Moneta dress pattern as I think it will work splendidly as a wardrobe staple for business travel and training. With all these plans for sewing knits my next step was to find a place that sold knits in prints that I would want to wear. Girl Charlee Fabrics to the rescue. I might’ve gone a little crazy in ordering but I have big plans for all of the maxi dresses for this summer. And if the YouTube tutorials are to be believed I could knock several out in a weekend. *fingers crossed* I sew all these dresses up quickly!

Girl Charlee Order - Maxi Dress prints

Girl Charlee Order – Maxi Dress prints

All of these prints are destined for maxi dresses to wear this summer. I don’t care what you say about the bottom print, I love it. heh. I also reserve the right to turn the red fabric (upper left) into a fancier dress.

Girl Charlee Order - Fancy Dress Prints

Girl Charlee Order – Fancy Dress Prints

These lovely fabrics are intended for the Moneta dress (or something similar) for work for this summer. They should travel well and be nice enough to train in. After seeing it in person, I am considering  making the chevron fabric just a skirt or maybe move it back to the maxi category. Decisions, decisions.

Girl Charlee Order - Tops

Girl Charlee Order – Tops

I ordered a few of the knit prints to make some tops for myself. I’m kind of excited about the thermal fabric in the upper left. The stripes on the right *could* end up back in the dress piles. Time will tell. 🙂

Girl Charlee Order - oops

Girl Charlee Order – oops

I bought this fabric because I thought the print would make an amazing maxi dress but my brain willfully refused to comprehend that it’s a sweater knit fabric. haha. Soooo, maybe a sweater? Or perhaps a lined maxi dress for fall wear? We will see how warm the fabric is and then what it becomes. Have you sewn anything with knits or do you have any tips for me on my new adventure? Do you have any favorite knit dress or sweater patterns?

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