s’mores dip

Since Google Reader went away I’ve replaced it with feedly but I am not as good at keeping up with blogs through it because it doesn’t have the amazing Next button. I was finally catching up on blogs over the weekend when I found this amazing s’mores dip pin from Knitted Bliss. I found the original blog post and quickly pinned it. Then I showed it to the boy while making our grocery list yesterday and his answer was basically “uh, duh! yes please!” So we added all of the ingredients to our grocery list and actually remembered to make the dip after dinner.

We made a few modifications from the original recipe, we didn’t cut the marshmallows in half, as you can see in this picture. (Although, the next time around, we might, or we may use less marshmallows.)


Instead of a 6″ cast iron skillet we used these cute little 4.5″ crême brûlée ramekins that I had on hand.

s'mores and graham crackers, ready to go

Because our marshmallows were full size they expanded a bit with the initial heat so Chris chose to just stand over the oven keeping an eye on them rather than waiting on a timer. Ours ended up only needing about 5 minutes to brown nicely.

Toasty s'mores

Two 4.5″ ramekins of marshmallow dip is a lot of sugary sweet for two people. If we were to do this again, we’d only make one and we’d use the toaster oven.

2 batches of s'mores dip

In reheating my dip toady I found the toaster oven goes up to 450F and takes way less energy to heat up than our giant oven. And it works beautifully. So, unlike my recent pinterest dessert disaster (I am looking at you 2 min cookie in a cup!!!) this was awesome and tasted just as amazing as you would think.

Oh, and while I am here talking about food and dips and such. I made this jalapeno popper dip I found on pinterest for our Olympic Opening Ceremonies party and OMG it was DELICIOUS!!! As long as you like spicy things like jalapeno poppers, you can not go wrong with this dip. I, uhh, may have had Chris pick up the ingredients for this as well yesterday so I can make it for myself again. Sooo good! I apologize for not having any pictures, I didn’t think about it. Then it got scarfed down quickly at the party with everyone exclaiming between bites how good it was. 😀

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