Happy New Year!

Christmas is mostly wrapped up around here, just one more person to exchange gifts with. I’ve been working on some projects that went by the wayside while I was finishing up Christmas. New Year’s Eve and Day were spent finishing up and redoing some spins. In the fall at some point I talked with my friend Martha about some of my handspun that seemed to be very off in appearance from its grist. It turned out that while I was spinning to a particular WPI I was twisting the fiber to the thickness I wanted instead of drafting it to the proper thickness. So I had very very dense yarns that would knit up at aran weight but looked like fingering weight. haha. Woops! I finally sat down and took some of the twist out so that hopefully the yarn’s appearance would be closer to the grist.


These yarns look soooo much better. They may now only be off one degree of thickness from their grist. 🙂

Patchwork again

This is my most recent spin – some Hello Yarn fiber club yarn in the color Patchwork. It felt really good to get back in front of the spinning wheel and knock some things out. 🙂 I want to try and keep up my spinning this year and see if I can’t make a dent in the fiber stash.

Just before the new year I started creating ALL of the lists to figure out what knitting, sewing, quilting, spinning and household projects I’d like to work on in the upcoming year.  I finally created an Evernote account so that I could I track my lists from any device and anywhere. It was really calming to finally get so many thoughts out of my head and into a spot where I can find them and reference them. I am hoping this will be really useful when I find myself with a chunk of free time and no idea what to work on.

This weekend I also sat down with the basket of worsted yarns I pulled together last fall and paired 10 of the yarns up with projects so that I can hopefully crank those out by spring time. 🙂 I managed to knit up one skein into fingerless mitts already this weekend.

Here’s to a new year and lots of awesome crafting! Do you have any plans?

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