Under the bed storage progress

A few months back while daydreaming about storage for my office I fell down a rabbit hole leading me back to Ana White‘s website full of awesome woodworking schematics. I shared the site with the boy and soon we were both daydreaming about all the different things we could build around the house to help with our storage and organizational needs.

We both quickly agreed that it would be beneficial to add some under the bed storage to our bedroom and to the guest bedroom. The boy thought on it for a while and drew up several plans trying to figure out how tall we could make this unit without making the bed too tall for me to get into without a step stool. haha.

Full boards

At the beginning of the month we spent a Saturday morning stripping sheets of wood into slats to build the frame and the drawers.


We used his grandfather’s old table saw to do most of the stripping.


I then went back to whichever Christmas crafts or baby gifts I was working on and he began constructing the frame. Then last weekend the boy started routing out the drawers and putting them together.

Under construction

We found some drawers pulls online that closely match the drawer pulls we have on some other furniture as well as some really nice drawer slides that allow the drawer to come all the way out plus an inch. That way we’ll never have to worry about getting that item from the very back of the drawer.

Under bed storage

By this past weekend it was put together enough that we could begin using it in our bedroom. There are still a few things to be done: attach the drawer fronts (after they’re cut out and routed), attach the drawer pulls, and varnish the exterior bits. The varnishing part probably won’t be done until this spring. It’s just too darn cold in Ohio to be doing any of that at the moment. 🙂

Drawers extended

We figured it was better to put it to use and see if there was anything else we wanted to adjust rather than leave it taking up room in the garage all winter. I’ve filled two of my three drawers so far and I think I’ve just figured out what I can put in my third drawer – presents! I need a new hiding spot since my other ones have been figured out. Not that they were ever much of a secret to begin with. 🙂 haha.

Have you made anything awesome for your house lately?

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