Managing Christmas Crafting

After Tuesday’s blog post I made a list of all of the crafting I still have to do before Christmas so that I could get a handle on what still needs to be done compared to holiday traveling and crafting/work on the home weekends remaining. Fortunately, this weekend is a scheduled crafting/work on the home weekend so I should be able to make a large dent into my list. I have about 10 sewing projects that are all pretty speedy so the goal is to get those wrapped up by Sunday night. Then it will be all knitting, all the time until Christmas. Which works out well since I will be traveling some in December and knitting is much more conducive to traveling than sewing is, at least for me.

Here’s a peek into what my holiday crafting mode office looks like. πŸ˜€

Christmas crafting mess

I swear come the new year the floor will be visible again and things will finally find a home. Oh who am I kidding. That will probably never happen until I stop crafting. πŸ˜‰

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