NASCAR Quilt Back

It’s been a little slow at work lately so I volunteered to use a vacation day yesterday and work on some household things. I was going to work on Christmas sewing but I wanted to see how far I could get on the quilt back for that NASCAR quilt first. I managed to get all but the two long side panels sewn on last night. You can see the formation of the quilt below.

First, I pieced the infield together. You can see it includes the sponsors and pit row. 🙂
Infield pieced

Then I sewed the track around the infield.
Race track pieced

We thought it would be fun to add the grand stands as well. Those are sewn around the track.
Grand stands pieced

The last section is the parking lot. We found this awesome Riley Blake print and thought it would make a fantastic parking lot.
NASCAR Quilt Back

This morning I sewed on those two long side seams of the parking lot. The next step is to make the quilt sandwich. I think I’ll be saving that for this weekend when the boy and I can make room on one of the floors and pin it together. Can’t wait to see how the final quilt looks!

Shh don’t tell our friends about how cool the back is! 🙂

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