Refashioning a sweater

Last year for my Rhinebeck sweater I worked diligently during the Tour de Fleece to spin a sweater quantity of yarn.

TDF 2012 Day 22

Troublemaker yarn

I then knit furiously to have a lovely handspun sweater to wear to Rhinebeck. My yarn was on the light side for sportweight (which is what the pattern calls for) but I plowed on through. The sweater had a nice drape and a little bit loose fit.

Model pout

Troublemaker Cria at Rhinebeck 2012

Since last year, my body size has changed slightly and my sweater has gotten to be too big, especially through the armholes. After much consideration I decided to rip the sweater and either reknit it or find a new pattern that better matches my yarn weight.

Skein winder

A pretty day for frogging a sweater

Yesterday I finally worked up the nerve to use my friend’s skein winder and begin the process. We undid the buttons and picked out the bind off. Then we turned the skein winder on at a slow speed and let it pull the knitting out. The next step is to soak my new skeins to get the kinks out and then let them marinate in the stash for a bit until I figure out what I want to do.

Frogging a sweater

Frogging my sweater

It’ll be nice to have this yarn to knit with again. As I was looking at it again I realized how much purple is in this yarn. 🙂 It’s quite pretty.

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