Knitting challenge update

An update on my knitting challenge. I did not manage to cast on a new project last weekend from the basket of yarn to be depleted but I did get a project cast on from that basket Tuesday night. I have this fleece yarn I purchased on vacation in Utah several years ago which is mostly only suited for knitting a scarf.

puffin yarn

Puffin fleece yarn

Forgetting that it was classified as super bulky I cast on for a 30 stitch moss stitch scarf and knit for about 2 hours. It was quite wide and probably wasn’t going to be long enough to wrap around anyone’s neck. 🙂 So I ripped it out and re-cast on with 18 stitches. It’s looking a lot better and I am hoping to finish it this weekend and maybe get another project from the basket cast on.

Last weekend I did manage to cast on a blanket to use up my leftover worsted yarns. That’ll be a slightly more long term project because at this point I don’t even have enough yarn for the project. 🙂 I like to knit worsted weight socks for some family members with larger feet so I always need 1 + a little to 1.5 skeins, which doesn’t always leave enough yarn for much else.

The garage sale went well, clearing out part oft our garage and providing us with a pretty new light over our kitchen table.

Tin Man Light Fixture

Copper light fixture – it changes colors a bit with the light.

New Light

A late night shot of the copper light fixture.

This weekend we’re going to take the things that didn’t sell to our local Re-Store. So fingers crossed we’ll get most of our garage back by Sunday. 😀

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