Airing of the Stash – 2013

I’ve been feeling in a rut with my stash lately so I decided to “air the stash” and sort it by weight so that I could find the yarns that I absolutely knew I had in stash and that I wanted to use for a bunch of accessory knitting. For some reason when I try to sort my stash on Ravelry to see what I have for projects in my queue, things just weren’t lining up for me.  Would you like to see what I found?

For the record, this is just my commercial yarn (no handspun in here) and does not include my recent vacation yarn purchases, my current WIPs (or almost WIPs which are waiting impatiently for me to cast them on!) and also leaves out the items I have for Destash over on Rav. (You can head on over there to see if I have any yarns you would like. I’ll wait for you to come back. 😀 )

Airing of the Stash - Lace

Airing of the Stash – Lace

So while I knew I had a few cashmere lace skeins, I really truly thought I owned way more lace than this. Now I don’t feel bad for dyeing up a lovely skein while on vacation (it hasn’t made it into the stash yet).

Airing of the Stash - Fingering

Airing of the Stash – Fingering

This is the area where I knew I was going to have some issues. I bought all this yarn to knit all of the amazing socks for myself and I’ve found that I just truly don’t bother casting on socks. I think it’s because of the need to swatch for them. Oof.

I need to start knitting socks or some shawls. Or maybe some basic color-work with the variegated fingering weights as a highlight color?

Airing of the Stash - Sport

Airing of the Stash – Sport

Do you see the sweaters? There are two Quince sweaters in the back row and a color-work vest in the front row on the left. What else should I knit with my sport weight yarns?

Airing of the Stash - DK

Airing of the Stash – DK

So, I own next to zero DK yarns. Two sweater quantities, two hat quantities and that souvenir yarn from my honeymoon I need to come up with a use for.

I did buy up and dye up some DK on vacation – it just hasn’t made it into the stash. But no worries on that, there seems to be plenty of room for it!

Airing of the Stash - Worsted

Airing of the Stash – Worsted

Sorting out the worsted weight yarns showed me that I have more accessory quantities than I realized (although I do think some of them are from some recent stashing excursions).

Airing of the Stash - Aran

Airing of the Stash – Aran

There’s a lovely sweater that I need to design for myself, some cowls and some color-work that needs to happen. There’s also yarn for a design I’ve had in my head for over two years now. I need to get moving on that!

Airing of the Stash - Bulky

Airing of the Stash – Bulky

Ahem, on the left is some yarn that was gifted to us as a wedding gift and uhhh yarn that was s’pose to be a wedding gift to someone else. There is lots more white and lots more brown that didn’t make it to the camera. I should get moving on those blankets…

Airing of the Stash - Super Bulky

Airing of the Stash – Super Bulky

You know, I bet it would take me a couple days to knit up the scarf with the yarn on the left and I really should knit some cowls for the boy out of the other yarn.

So there’s all the yarn I have to work with. I’d love to make a really large dent by the end of the year but I fear that may be too near a deadline. I have some baby quilting (for friends) and Christmas gifts to make as well. Not to mention the sewing projects for around the house and the embroidery a-long I am doing with my friend Aimeee. Perhaps a better goal would be to make a large dent by next Spring. My knitting tends to drop off in the summer anyway. 🙂 So I can work super diligently until then!

I know, I need a more definite goal than “a large dent” so I can actually measure my progress. But I am afraid to throw something out willy nilly and fail miserably. Haha. I need to figure out what is reasonable and achievable before the Internets can hold me accountable. Hmm, I suppose I will need to put all this yarn away too. 🙂

Any recommendations for quick and awesome accessory knits? I think I may start with some Woolly Wormhead hats. And some Cable Twist worsted weight socks for myself.

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