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I wrote this post on my phone during a flight home from Las Vegas last fall (October 2011…) with the intention of snagging some FO shots and posting it. Let’s pretend 6 months didn’t pass before I got some decent FO shots. 😀 Luckily for the shawl it was worn non stop and still looks great!

PS – haha this post has been languishing for soooooooooooo long. I knit this up while traveling for work back in 2011. So here you finally get some pics even if they aren’t very good. 🙂 Also I still wear this shawl all the time and it looks no worse for the wear!

– LittleWit

Rock Island Shawl

The first time I saw this pattern I knew exactly what yarn I wanted to knit it in – some gorgeous Yarn Chef Soufflé in the colorway Old Love Letters.

I had intentions of starting the shawl during a trip to Massachusetts in the spring however, I ended up starting it later at home. After a troublesome start I realized it needed to be relegated to wide awake and focused knitting time. 🙂 I took it with me on some of my business trips and slowly added length to the border. I finally finished the border during our trip in September. Once we got home I picked up the stitches and began the body of the shawl. I intended to get the body portion knit at home but it also found itself on business trips. This was a mixed bag since I made some dumb errors and spent a lot of time fixing them. When I got past the lace portion and into the garter the shawl flew off my needles. It was perfect travel knitting.

I love how warm and soft the cashmere is and am looking forward to wearing it this winter. I may need to knit some sort of lining out of the soufflé for the boy to wear under his jacket hoods. He also is a fan of the soft warmth. 😀

Also this is the first time I’ve been able to see a finished project turn out exactly as I imagined it in my head. Which also helps with why I love this shawl so much. If you haven’t already knit it you should!

Rock Island pinned out

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