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Last spring I finally gave in and purchased a Kindle. I intended to use it to have my knitting patterns with me digitally on a larger screen than my phone can provide. I also intended to use it to partake in the Vaginal Fantasy book club I had found online. Turns out I don’t use it as much for patterns anymore (acquiring an iPad was the death knell to that plan) but I have been reading at a clip that I haven’t seen in myself since High School. It’s been lovely getting back into reading. I love that my case with a built-in light allows me to tuck under the covers and read until the wee hours while the boy sleeps soundly nearby. Or, sometimes, he wakes up and pokes me and says “Are you really still up reading?”

I’ve also joined another online book club The Sword and Laser. Both book clubs have video shows on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel and I thoroughly enjoy watching the hosts discuss the books each month. The Sword and Laser also does author guides/interviews and they have a podcast. I think there was a significant dose of fiction missing from my life and I am glad that I’ve finally found a way to add it back in, in a way that feels great! I’ve also found audiobooks in a way that I couldn’t get to work for me 6 or 7 years ago. It’s really nice to have an audiobook on hand to listen to while walking the dogs or cleaning the house. I also like to listen at work if I am doing a lot of image editing or something where I am not wordsmithing.

I participated in the GoodReads reading challenge last yer and missed my mark by 1 book! This year I have been keeping a pace that puts me 4 books ahead of my goal each month. I am hoping that I can keep that pace throughout the year and at least finish even with my goal.

The other, slightly more exciting thing for me about getting back into reading is using my libraries as extensively as I did growing up! My interaction with the library may not be the same as before, I am not physically there nearly as much. But I am constantly on their websites hunting down ebooks and audiobooks to read. I am so blessed (I mean really is there a better word?) to live within 2 miles of two very, very excellent library systems. One of my local libraries (the one I grew up with) was the national library of the year in 2007, which now that I read it sounds like forever ago. But! They’re seriously one of the best libraries ever and are basically the bar I set for any library system that I use. They have so many books, an easy system for reserving and transferring books and an easy way to request new book purchases. The library system where I currently live is just as great as the one I grew up with. They were awesome and linked mine and the boy’s library cards when we first moved into town 5 years ago. Really, one of the most wonderful things ever, because as someone who works from home I often find myself calling my commuting partner and saying “hey honey can you stop by the library and pick up my new book?” Since our cards are linked he can do it with no trouble and ta da! home delivery of books! 😀

Now that I’ve rambled on about my awesome book clubs and libraries, I think it’s time to go curl up with a book club book I borrowed from my library! 😀 Good night everyone! And go read!

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