Why hello!

I haven’t been blogging much lately, she says stating the obvious… but I have been knocking out some hand knits! I’ve been working on a few test knits for a friend and trying to clear out the bins of projects near my seat on the couch.

In the fall I had my friend Katy cast this cowl on for me cause she didn’t have anything to do at knit night one night. Of course, by the time I finally picked it up I couldn’t figure out what was going on and I had to re-cast it on. Hah. Then I spent 5 tries on row 2 or 3 before I finally figured out the difference between a & and a β. Oy. This lovely cowl came about though once I got moving on knitting it and that’s one less project bag in the basket by the couch!
Flared Lace Smoke Ring Cowl

I also had some fun with swatches. One set for a McIntosh sweater for myself from Gudrun’s new book “Knit With Me.”
McIntosh Swatches

The other batch was for one of my test knits.

Liesl Swatches

Lastly, this lovely squishy pile of yarn from Quince & Co is for another one of the sweaters from Gudrun’s new book – Empire and as yet to be determined pullover for myself.

Oh and in the background is all of the spinning I need to get around to doing…more news on that later. As soon as I find a way to add 2-3 more hours in a day and manage to also not spend that 2-3 hours surfing the interwebs!

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