A dog for us

As some of you know, the boy and I are actively involved in a local dog rescue – ADOPT. We love fostering and rehabilitating dogs so that they can have a chance to find a loving forever home. Recently, we both read Cesar’s Way and discussed finding a dog of our own to help teach our foster dogs our pack rules. We let the intake coordinator for our rescue know and she’s been keeping an eye out for a dog that would fit our temperament and lifestyle. Since we didn’t have a foster in July or August we did some back to back temp fostering while some of the other fosters went on vacations. We also reaffirmed some of the temperaments that aren’t a good fit for us on a long term basis. 😉 Then, one of the foster dogs needed to find a new foster because he was too strong for the very kind lady who was taking care of him.

We agreed to take him in until he found his forever home. On the first day we taught him the way of the gentle leader and were able to take him on a mile walk. The boy was diligent about walking him every morning and by day two he was pretty sure about this one. 🙂 We gave it a full two and a half weeks before deciding; we introduced him to our friends & family, visited a few dog parks and went to the farmers market. He’s a really great dog and gets along with everyone, listens well and is very bonded with the boy. Oh he also knows how to shake! We’re really happy to have Bruce in our pack and are looking forward to fostering more dogs once we get our routine situated amongst the three of us, (and for me to get back from some business trips).

Here are a few pictures of our Bruce – we think he’s an American Bulldog and he’s about 16 months old.

Bruce and his bone

Bruce enjoying his bone from the farmers market.


Bruce hanging out in the office.


Not sure what to make of this camera thing.


Ready for something exciting.

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