Christmas Bags

I wanted to write a separate post about all the bags I sewed for Christmas from the Amy Butler – Style Stitches book. The Reversible Everyday Shopper bag, is giant. Just in case that wasn’t clear in the pictures of the book. I have to say when I finished sewing up the purple one in the last post I was quite surprised at it’s finished size. I must’ve been deluding myself with how much fabric would actually be taken up by the seams! 🙂

Also as you may have been able to tell in the purple bag photos I cut the front pocket too small the first time around by using the wrong half of the pattern piece. I blame myself for cutting the schedule so tight that I probably wasn’t thinking things through. I do really like how the bag turned out but I would recommend cramming it full of lighterweight items like knitting projects. I think filling it with books may strain the straps.

Bag for Kate which was actually a rather tardy birthday gift!
Kate Everyday Shopper Bag

Bag for Katy
Katy Everyday Shopper Bag

I also made the Origami Bag set. Mine only has 5 bags because I didn’t buy home dec weight and because I probably should’ve cut the fabric starting with the largest bag first. That would’ve probably made it easier to fit all the pieces into the fabric I had available. I like how the bags turned out and even though I wanted to cut corners, my friends chided me and made me do all the top stitching and it really does give a nice finished look to the bags.

Bag set for Laura
Laura Origami Bags


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