Meet Hope. She’s our newest foster dog, a purebred black Labrador.


Hope being a bit camera shy

Oh, I guess to back up the boy and I started fostering rescue dogs April last year with a lovely dog, Lucy, who was fortuitously adopted 3 days before our wedding (now that was an emotion packed week!). We took a several month hiatus and I became more involved with the rescue group again this March. We took on a temporary foster, Bandit, while his foster family was on vacation. I volunteered to help out the intake coordinator with placing dogs and we got Lizzie a golden retriever/boxer mix who is hanging out with us this week while her adoptive family is on vacation (totally their idea and choice – not a requirement of our organization! 🙂 )

So Hope. Hope was rescued from a high kill shelter in Ohio (Shelby county). Our organization pulls all breeds from high kill shelters around the state, mostly ones within a reasonable distance of central Ohio. Hope was tossed out of a vehicle while pregnant with pups. She ended up at Shelby county and was saved from euthanization by a family who took her in so she could have her pups. My organization – ADOPT Pet Rescue – took Hope and two of her pups – Luke and Bosco – in this weekend. When we got her on Saturday she was very afraid of cars (with good reason!) and had no clue what to do with stairs. We’ve helped her figure out stairs (much to my chagrin!) and are slowly working on getting her more comfortable with cars. Right now though we have our hands full having two good sized dogs in the home. We usually only have one at a time! 🙂

Hope has been approved to enter a service/therapy dog training program where she will be a companion for someone with special needs. We have to finish up some paperwork before she can go live with her trainer but we’re very excited for her!

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