Sticks N Stitches 2010

Sorry it’s taken me so long to do this post. I have no good excuse and well we all know about excuses and how everyone has one. 😉 At any rate, Sticks n Stitches was great this year! For me as the organizer it was a bit more relaxed on game day which was really nice. I feel like we had a pretty good flow for handing out goodie bags and raffling off the prizes. It did become a bit hairy about two weeks before the game when our ticket sales jumped from 48 to 92 to 112 to finally land at 148 tickets sold. It was definitely our best year yet for tickets sold but hoo boy do y’all know how to give me a heart attack. 😉 Grant with the Blue Jackets was very awesome in scaring up enough seats for the majority of us to sit together.

Here’s a pretty good shot of us right before the doors opened:

The boy, Myself, Katy and Katy's sister ready to go.

And here are a couple shots of everyone getting their bags:

Sadly the Blue Jackets didn’t win. Although it was a closely contested game with the Chicago Blackhawks pulling it out in the last few minutes to win 6-5. I am updating the pictures and goodies over on the event page. It should all be up by the end of this weekend. (If not today, it depends on how much other work I get done)

We’re really looking forward to next year’s event. I am hoping to get us the Sky Terrace. The one caveat to that is I really really need people to be willing to purchase their tickets earlier than the week before the game. [Preferably a month or three before the game kind of like one does when they decide to get OSU football tickets or to go see their favorite artist play.] This will allow us to make sure we have enough seats and goody bags to go around and gives us more bargaining power. If you would like to be contacted for next year’s event as soon as the date is picked please drop me a line so I can add you to the list.

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