Oh, why hello! Did you miss me? Let’s just say time ran away with me. Sticks N Stitches went really well. I hope to make the time to do a proper post about that this weekend. In other exciting news, for those of you who may have known, The Boy was laid off last April. Yesterday was his first day at his new job and we’re both just thrilled. Although it does mean we won’t be spending every waking moment together, it’ll probably be good for our upcoming marriage. Add a little mystery back in. 😉 I hope to be around here more regularly again. I may even do some updates on the wedding planning. Just as a reference to anyone madly googling for ideas.

On a side note, it’s been almost 3 yrs since I started this blog and my 3 yrs of hosting is about up. Leave me a note if you have any good suggestions for hosting companies to switch to. I am currently using Blue Host but the cost has gone up by $90 for the 3 yr bracket. I would like to stay somewhere around $4.50 a month if that’s even possible anymore. Have a great day!

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