With all the excitement going on this weekend, I was pretty plum tuckered out and had trouble getting my dupa out of bed this morning. I did however make it to work on time. The boy worked on the edging for the bathroom so hooray it may be all painted soon! We had a wonderful dinner of steak and carrots before I had to run out to a cookie exchange amongst my mom’s friends. I spent the whole time knitting away on the 2nd of my bearfoot mitts. I am currently at the gusset and if I knit enough tomorrow morning and night I might be able to finish. I also picked up my freshly blocked Ishbel that I left over there by accident yesterday. It may have stopped along the way with one of the ladies who tried to claim it as her own. I told her I would be happy to make her one after Christmas but that she could not run off with that one. 😉 Now it’s time for bed, so that hopefully I will wake up early and perky tom’w. Then I can get some more time in for Christmas knitting. (eep!)

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