Blocking Party

Today was our first quarterly blocking party. The gals from knit night all traipsed over to my house and moved in with all their recent FOs and some current WIPs. I made chili that was accidentally a bit too spicy for the boy again. 😉 Liz brought spiked cider, Katy brought spinach artichoke dip, Ally brought baked mac n cheese, NW rolled in with some California salsa and chips and Betsy rounded it all out with some cheese and crackers. There was plenty of food and that spiked cider was my downfall for the day! My house was probably rather humid given all the wet projects laying about. In one room we had two shawls and a blanket. Downstairs there was a sweater, a cowl and a hat. Somewhere else lounging about was My So Called Scarf. We also had husbands hanging out and 4 boys playing video games and watching Star Wars in the basement. It was such a productive day that we have committed to having one of these once a quarter to get those freshly minted FOs ready to wear.

Dueling Blocking Shawls

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