Birthday Boy

Today is the boy’s birthday. We will now be the same age for the next 2.5 months until I level up again. 😉 heh. I think I have just decided to refer to adding years on to my age as leveling up. Brilliant! The boy was quite happy with his “old man gifts” today, new slippers from me and clamps from his parents. Then of course I got him a child’s gift – the Lego Advent calendar which clearly says on the box for ages 5-12. 😀 It took some persuading but he won’t be opening any of the doors before the proper day. My sister also made a cake which my parents were awesome enough to deliver. Then we spent the rest of our day just relaxing. We have to get back to the grind tom’w. It’s sad to see this lovely 4 day weekend end.

In other news, I have a riddle for you –

How can a scarf measure 10″ length and 15g of yarn used; then 3 hours later measure 21.5″ length with 45g of yarn used? Give up? Me too. Oh well. Hopefully I won’t run out of yarn too soon. Also, it appears that I have the same gauge all the way through but I haven’t taken a precise measurement.  Gauge doesn’t count for scarves 😛

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