Quick Hit – Sticks N Stitches update and other random musings

Things I accomplished today and/or have going on. (What an awesome lead in…)

  • So at the gentle nudging of a member of the Mid Ohio Knitting guild I created an event page on Ravelry for Sticks N Stitches. I can’t believe I forgot to do that! You can find the page here. That should be a much more effective way for me to get an idea of attendance levels. 🙂
  • I have a napping boy and dog on the couch. It’s pretty cute.
  • Karaoke is in store tonight to amuse the Iowan who is in town for the holidays.
  • I also need to set about looking at stitch dictionaries but I am feeling rather lazy.
  • Ravelry has new sorting features for stash yarns. I love it. I also love looking at my stash by color because well for some strange reason I just love my color sense! 😉 Shocking I am sure 😛 Not to mention all the awesome yellows I found recently are all at the top of my page saying “hello good morning it’s a beautiful cheery day!”
  • I managed to locate the recipe for dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday at the in-laws. They look so delicious. 😀 (the rolls not my in-laws!)
  • There are 6 completed repeats on the Christmas knitting I am working on. I think there may be 15 repeats total. We shall see. I am only knitting until I run out of yarn. 😛 I would like to get this finished this week. Thankfully there will be some car trips and oh that’s right a four day weekend!!!
  • I have potentially 3 more knitting projects and a crochet project to be done before Christmas. Anyone taking bets on whether I will finish? 😛
  • The boy made dinner tonight. Potato and double corn chowder in bread bowls. It was awesome. Oh and he went to the grocery store and bought me yummy juice. Win!
  • On that note I need to wake those two up so we can go to karaoke.

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