Crash! …into bed.

I woke up this morning bright and early at 6:30am. After trying unsuccessfully to roll over and go back to sleep I got up at 6:45am. I can’t even tell you the last time my body voluntarily woke up at that hour. Ok maybe I can, it was last winter after I got home from Germany and I was working on a time zone 6 hrs ahead. 😛 At any rate I putzed around on the interwebs and then I did some clothes organization. I am working pretty hard right now on getting rid of the clothes that I will never wear again. That should clear some room in my drawers/closets and I can get some nice new work clothes in there.

Around 8am or so I woke up the boy so we could get moving for the day. First stop was the library to get some cake baking books for my sister and then on to the farmers’ market. After that the boy and I split ways, he went off to watch the OSU vs U of M game and I was off to begin my Christmas shopping – or something. I didn’t get very much Christmas shopping done. It appears that I am either not in the mood/spirit or that I am truly at a loss as to what my family wants this year. After our respective outings we met up to go to our favorite independent bookstore – BookLoft. I love looking around that shop and we found a hilarious sequel to one of our favorite books. 😉 Some day we’ll have to buy it instead of just reading it in the store.

We met up with my parents and siblings for dinner which was followed by some cake discussions and car seat box racing around the living room. Now I am all tuckered out and must go to bed. We have Thanksgiving with the grandparents G tom’w. It’ll be another full day. Hopefully these holidays don’t tire me out so much that I need to take a vacation. 😉

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