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I wanted to find a cute dress to wear for our engagement photos because apparently I don’t wear cute dresses anymore. I picked up one at Macy’s that I rather liked until I got home and realized it was cut a bit low for my bust. So I decided, hey I’m a knitter I will just knit a shawl of some sort that will mask that and all shall be well. After perusing through all my brown yarn I stuck with the Cascade Heritage. It was pretty much the exact same color as the ribbon on my newly acquired dress. Then I putzed around for awhile trying to figure out what type of cover I really wanted.

Finally at knit night a week and a half before our photo shoot one of the ladies suggested Wrapped in Tradition and one of the other ladies happened to have it in her car! How fortuitous! I borrowed the pattern and then hemmed and hawed for a couple of days trying to figure out how I would modify it since I didn’t have quite the yardage the pattern called for. I finally sucked it up and cast on. 😉

With 7 days until the photo shoot, folks were taking bets as to whether I would finish it on time. I knit steadily each night and may have spent a whole afternoon watching football, starting with the OSU/Wisconsin game (hello both times were wearing the same color! That does not make it easy to yell who scored to your loved one when you’re only half paying attention and they’re outside manning the grill) and ended with watching Drew Barrymore host SNL for as long as I could take it. [SNL is not as funny as it used to be although I do love me some Drew Barrymore.] I did finish the shawl in time. In fact, I finished it on Sunday while visiting The Boy’s grandparents. We drove home, I blocked it and it was totally dry by the time we headed out at 1pm on Monday.

Full length of the shawl.

Description: Chocolate Tradition Wrap
Pattern: Wrapped in Tradition by Shirley Paden from the Wrap Style book
Yarn used: 1 skein Cascade Yarns Heritage Solid Colorway 5609 (75% superwash merino, 25% nylon) 100g / 437yds
Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Needle Size: US 6 (4.0mm)
Modifications: I only knit 15 repeats of the Alpine lace border. Then I did the lacey holes, one repeat of the Clover and Diamonds section, another repeat of the lacey holes and then the Trellis Diamonds section. I finished off the top portion with a repeat of the lacey holes, maybe 2 repeats of the Daintier Chevron pattern (I can’t find my shawl!) and then the picot edging.
Finished Size: It’s a bit narrower than the original shawl and it only goes to just below my elbow (which is where I wanted it) whereas the original shawl should go pretty much down to the wrist.
Date Started: 10/5/2009
Date Completed: 10/11/2009
Notes: I am actually debating ripping out the last section and re-knitting it with a couple less repeats so that the neckline has more shaping like the original pattern intended. Since I was making up the numbers (and possibly not knitting to the same gauge) as I went along I wasn’t sure how narrow I could get away with. 😉

Close up of the Trellis Diamonds section with a big grin

Some detail of the Clover and diamonds section

Another shot of the whole shawl in action.

Oh and nah, we didn’t go to and meet at OU that’s just a coinky dink. 😉 Go Bobcats! Oh and yes, we may have the DVD with all of our Engagement photos in our possession now. 🙂

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