Not so Leisurely Sunday

Today was quite the busy day for a leisurely Sunday. 😉 The booze did flow all of last night so I may have slept in a little today. 🙂 The boy’s friend came over to play Mario Kart and I busied myself making pizza dough and putting potato leek soup into the crock pot. When my little called to say she was ready to come play I went over and picked her up along with her sister who decided she wanted to come play today as well. We got back to the house and went about making pizza. Usually the boy takes care of rolling out the dough and grating the cheese but since he was busy with his friend we had to figure out how to do it ourselves. 😛 It took a while but we managed to get two good looking pizzas in the oven. Then of course we scarfed them down. It was such a gorgeous day that we walked to the park to swing and play tag. There were some other gals at the park who were up for tag so I played the role of the moving base. When the sun started to go down I took them back home.

The boy and I then went over to Katy’s house to get a cook book from her. We chatted for awhile until the boy reminded me that the soup was still in the crock pot at home. We came home to eat it when the boy got the clever idea to add some bacon to the soup. He fried some up while I added in the cream. It was good soup. 🙂 Now I must finish up packing my suitcase. I head to Denver at the crack of dawn. 😀

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