Today we attended Pre-Cana – the marriage preparation course required by the Catholic Church – with one of our friend couples. The seminar consisted of 4 couples speaking on 5 topics important to creating a lasting marriage. There were some great demonstrations and lots of personal stories from the couples who had all been married at least 13 yrs and some who were much closer to their 40th anniversary.  Each topic also had worksheets that we would fill out and discus with our partners. The nice thing was that on oh 95% of the topics there were no great surprises. It makes me feel like the boy and I really know one another at this point – which after 5 yrs of dating one would think would be the case. 😉 The 5% of the time where we did come to a new realization now gives a great place to have some further discussion to work on strengthening our partnership. I know lots of people grumble about having to go, but if you go in with an open mind it’s not bad at all. Granted as with anything in the Catholic  church, it can definitely vary by diocese. 🙂 Our friends that went with us also seemed to get a lot from the seminar.

Afterward we headed over to the boy’s parents’ home to say hello since we were on their side of town. We watched some OSU football and looked at knitting books from the 1970s. We also tried to inspire some local cub scouts to become eagle scouts and took a small load of stuff from their house. The nice bit while we were there was that they surprised us with some tools for our wedding reception. 🙂 We now have a knife to cut the cake with and silver goblets to toast in that all have some family history. Hooray! (Plus that’s one less thing to buy – although we weren’t going to buy them anyway, because we’re rebellious like that.)

Now we’re off to a birthday day party for Rosie. Let the good times roll and the drinks flow. 😀

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