Halloween 2009

So for Halloween this year I resurrected my Princess Peach costume from 2004 and the boy finally got to utilize his costume idea of the Oregon Trail.

The Knit Princess or Princess Peach

You have died of dysentery. Natch.

We rushed around at the last minute Saturday getting our costumes together before the kids showed up for Trick or Treat at 6pm. At the last minute we even turned a misplaced freestanding closet into an awesome ghost.

Ghost that looks surprisingly like a square Shake

Then Waldo joined us to pass out candy.

We found Waldo!

Passing out candy was surprisingly more fun than we thought it would be. We saw some great costumes: a red light camera, a rubics cube, a cross dressing cheerleader, starlets on the way to the grocery store – ok not a real costume, just kids walking by to go get ready to trick or treat – and a Sweeney Todd. We also found the other secret destroyer of Superman – his theme song. There was a very bubbly little 3-4 yr old bounding up to our home to ask for candy. As  he was running along The Boy was humming the superman theme song ending with the final chords as the little boy reached our porch. The little boy took a look at us and ran away back to his mom. She managed to coax him to come back up and get his candy. Sadly not many of the children recognized the Oregon Trail – apparently they don’t play it at school anymore? – but a couple of the kids realized that the boy was a computer 😉 We did have one Dad that got fairly excited about the Oregon Trail. It appeared that he was from our generation.

We ended up our evening at a Halloween party hosted by some new friends. Over there the boy’s costume was a big hit since most of those in attendance were our peers. 😉 Halloween may finally be fun again, now that I can leave behind the stress of OU Halloweens! 😀

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