Cleaning house

Today was a rather productive day. I managed to tackle some of the filing that’s been hanging around my office for awhile. Funny how those papers never seem to file themselves, no matter how much I wish they would. It felt good to clear up a bit of the floor though. I am bit by bit working on my latest goal – A place for everything and everything in it’s place. It would be wondermous if I could accomplish this by the holidays! I also spent some time today booking myself for some upcoming work travel. Arlington, Texas here I come! 😛

After work we headed over to my BFF’s apartment. She recently took a spill off a four wheeler while on vacation and landed herself in the hospital for almost a week. She finally made it back home and we were able to go visit her. Basically we sat around talking, ate dinner and then sat around talking some more. It was quite the good evening. I managed to knock back a couple of rows on my latest WIP. I am working on the Eyelet Vest from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008 in my new Yarn Love yarn. Pictures to come once I am not falling asleep as I type. Plus I need more battery power to mess with pictures. 🙂 Off to bed I go!

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