No football chat today. We’re more college than pro football folks. Nope the blocking being done around this house today was the woolly kind. One of my other treats from Wool Gathering yesterday was a lovely set of blocking wires from Knitting Notions. I decided to put them to work today. So here you can see my shawls soaking. (Notice my efficient use of multiple sinks)

Simple yet Effective Shawl

Caricia Shawl

Then after wringing them out in my oh so awesome terry cloth towel (yes, I do have a towel specifically for wringing out soaking items) I tossed them on the bed to be blocked.

My last order of business was to run those new fancy pants blocking wires through the sides and tug. Not too bad for my first try. 🙂

Drying blocked items

Oh I also washed and blocked my cowl as you can see in the picture above. However there are no straight edges to be blocked on that one so I kind of just pulled it into a nice shape. 🙂

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