Flowers and Stationery

After work today we headed off to the nursery in town that came highly recommend from Ally. I will say that we were both quite impressed with the knowledge of the staff. They really know their plants and were helpful in telling us what plants could work in our very shady yard. (Every time I say we have a shady yard, I feel like there should be a quick cut to some spy lurking in the shadows of one of our trees.) We ended up purchasing some Hyacinth bulbs in four different shades, an Anemone in white, an orange and a yellow Gerbera Daisy plant and something else that looks cool but I can’t remember what it’s called. And it’s upstairs. Once we locate some brick/rocks/stones to build up a wall around our tree we will head back to Oakland Nursery for some dirt and mulch. I can’t wait to see how the front yard will look with some color!

After our visit to the nursery we decided to hit up the craft stores to check out stationery prices for an upcoming project. I must say I was quite surprised to find stationery kits of 48 on sale for $14. We snatched those up very quickly. In the morning I need to call one of the other stores in town to see if they have 2 more packages so that I will have enough. If they don’t then I guess I will suck it up and order online AND pay for shipping. But I won’t be giggling when I do it. 😉

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