Labour Day

After all the labouring yesterday we decided to play today pretty low key. πŸ™‚ We went to visit the boy’s parents, aunt and grandparents down in Southern Ohio for lunch. It was a nice visit and boy did we eat well! πŸ˜€ On our way home we stopped by the university so I could pick up a calendar for my mom and to poke around. We found the calendar and then lo and behold, we found an item we’d been hunting for, for about a 1.5 yrs now. I snatched up three pronto. Can’t give anymore details as they may become gifts. Once we got home we poked around a little at my gardening books to figure out what to do for the fall garden. Then we headed out and purchased a few seed packets. I would really love to find a nice nursery around town where I could go to get some more bulbs and other colorful wildflowers for our yard. I know it’s very shady but there’s room for a little bit of color in the shade!

Do any of you know of any good nurseries in the Columbus area? (Preferably on the North end.) Oh also, anyone around here looking for a few hosta plants? We’re thinning them back a little as we go into fall.

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