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Today we decided to finally tackle some of the projects in our yard. Thankfully it was a wonderful day to be working in the yard. Not too hot and some fluffy clouds in the sky to keep the sun at bay. The boy worked on digging up the last half of the ivy around the large tree in our front yard while I worked on digging up some other ground cover from around our medium tree in the front yard. After a couple hours we were done and then began to work on the backyard. We made a fairly pitiful attempt at a vegetable garden this year. A number of items sent up shoots but we didn’t end up with anything edible. While cleaning up the garden bed today we found some leeks that had sprouted, a pepper plant that had grown but not produced fruit and a couple of volunteer tomato plants. Mental note, when tossing out unwanted cherry tomatoes…don’t throw them anywhere near a garden bed. I did that last year during our housewarming party and this is the second year they have tried to grow. The only plant that produced edible veggies were our green bean plants. Alas, someone else got to eat those. The goal for next year will be to keep the critters and bugs out and perhaps remember to water the garden in a timely fashion. 😉 Once we had all the plants pulled out the boy set to tilling the garden. It looks kind of great now. All ready to be filled with new produce. In fact we will try to plant a fall garden at some point in the next couple of days. We just need to make it a garden store to buy the seeds we need.

While the boy was tilling I worked at pulling up weeds, grass and dead bits from the wildflower bed in our backyard. It looks so much nicer now. We then did some shifting of flowers to make up for almost killing some plants by inadvertently moving shade plants into a sun zone. Woops! Hopefully all the plants will be healthy and happy this coming year. Now we just need to get some topsoil and mulch to put around our trees now that they are bare. I will have to remember to post pictures once it’s all done. 🙂

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