Got Tape Measure?

Today the boy decided to attend a tailgate if you will for the local Big Ten team. Upon leaving the house he was clad in all red, however he was wearing a NASCAR shirt (Talladega) and a Hockey ball cap (Blue Jackets but in red). I realized that perhaps it was time that he get a shirt for the local Big Ten football team what wasn’t associated with their loss in the post season. While he attended the football game tailgating party a friend of mine and I headed to one of the cute little towns nearby for some retail therapy. I told myself that if I could find a reasonably priced shirt I would snag one for him. So off we headed up to the little town. We had a great Greek lunch followed by a trip to the outdoors shop across the street. We headed in and the sign said Big Ten gear upstairs. So we wandered up there and I found a display with fairly inexpensively priced shirts. Now the boy has a very long torso. I know such things because A. a lot of his shirts ride up in the back because they simply aren’t long enough and B. I may have sewn him a dress shirt a couple of years ago. I grabbed a shirt and debated whether the L is going to be long enough to cover his torso. When I asked my friend what she thought about the length, I suddenly found myself saying things like oh he needs shirts that are at least 27″ long. (who knows these things?) We’re trying to decide if this will work when it dawns on me that I have a tape measure in my bag. I whip out my tape measure and get her to hold the shirt up. It was about 28″ or so from the shoulder seam to the hem. I determined the shirt to be long enough and made my purchase.

We then mosied about to some other shops in the little town. I bought a cute little grown up wallet and we got some awesome custard. Then it was time to head home. Once the boy made it back to our house after his exciting foray into bus riding he found his new team shirt laying on the bed waiting for him. I asked him to try it on so I could double check the length. And what do you know? The shirt fit. πŸ˜€ So the moral of the story is “of course it’s normal to carry a tape measure around with you all the time. It just might help you find a garment for a loved one.” Although, I guess that requires knowing things as obscure as how long their back waist length is. πŸ˜€ Have you ever found yourself using obscure knowledge to buy gifts for a loved one?

PS – Happy Anniversary honey! It’s been 5 great years. Just one more and we can take this show on the road! πŸ˜‰

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