Memorial Day Fun

Today was a full day. It started out with me going to pick up my little and her cousin to hang out for a few hours. We went to the grocery store to get brats and hot dogs for lunch as well as the ingredients for s’mores. Yum! When we got home the boy had the corn going on the grill so we tossed the meat to him and went to work on the kool-aid and finding all the plates. The girls had fun running around the yard and in the creek hiding from us. šŸ™‚

After a filling lunch we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. They used some large sticks they found in the yard while the boy and I used kabob skewers to hold ours. Then it was off to the park for a game of tag, the kind where the rules change all the time. šŸ˜› Since the girls weren’t ready to go home yet and because I had some gardening chores that had to be completed I told them they could stay another hour if they helped me move some plants. So we dug up flowers from a bed in our backyard and moved them to a fairly empty bed in the front yard. Then the boy turned the soil over in the backyard while I took the girls home. When I got back the two of us got to work planting peppers, onions, carrots, leeks and brocolli. We will be planting beans tom’w after they soak over night.

For dinner we headed over to his parents’ house for some more good food on the grill. We ended up hanging out there until super late discussing wedding stuffs and lord only knows what else. It was a great day. šŸ™‚ Have a g’night.

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