FO – Fern Fitted Shell

One of my goals for MDSW09 was not to buy yarn if I hadn’t knit at least 3/4 of the yarn I had purchased last year. The yarn I bought for the boy’s sweater knit up lickity split. The next bit I tackled was the Tili Tomas Voile de la Mer that turned into the Forest vixen camisole. It’s *almost* done. I need to find some ribbon or some such for the straps. Lastly I was able to knock out this great shell in about a week. It’s cozy. I wore it on Saturday at MDSW and was quite comfortable. Especially once it got warm enough to take off my little jacket.

Description: Fern Shell
Pattern: Fern Fitted Shell
Yarn used: 2.01 skeins of Shelridge Farm Soft Touch W-4 Colorway Turquoise (100% wool) 100 g / 200 yds
Care Instructions: Machine wash gentle
Needle Size: US 8 (5.0 mm)
Modifications: I wasn’t quite getting gauge so I cast on a size up and then kind of finagled it, trying it on as I went to get the length I wanted.
Finished Size: My size. I think I still managed with all my gauge issues to make something close to a 34″
Date Started: 4/15/2009
Date Completed: 4/21/2009
Notes: We took the first round of pictures and then I realized I had the shirt on backwards…sigh. 🙂 So then we took a second round. The ones where there is a lower neckline is with the shirt on “properly.”

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