Day Rooms

One of the best parts about this trip to Germany is the fact that my supervisor deemed it necessary to rent us day rooms at the Zurich Airport. We arrived too early to check into our hotel in Konstanz and we were a bit too exhausted to go straight into the office so she rented us these phenomenal little rooms. Each room contains a bed, sink, tv and towels so you can sleep, watch TV and shower. It was just wonderful. I passed out in my bed then woke up took a shower changed into some work clothes and we were on our way. The lady who was running registration for the day rooms even called to check on our luggage so that once we made it to baggage claim all our luggage was on a cart neatly waiting for us. I give a giant two thumbs up to anyone ever traveling to Zurich who is contemplating renting a day room. It’s totally worth the money to keep your sanity. 😀

Day room picture 1

Day room picture 2

View out the window of the day room

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