Denial. It’s not just a river anymore. So I spent my early morning hours cleaning up all the patterns scattered about my office. I got them all neatly put into my three ring binder each pattern in it’s own little sleeve. Unless it was only printed on one side, then some of those patterns shared a sleeve. I then wound yarn for my next couple of knitting projects and located all needed reference materials. I also made half of a decision regarding the Belgian socks. I fear they are too wide to fit the desired recipient’s foot and I can’t be too enamored with the pattern as it has languished for a good six months. Granted part of the reason for languishing was because I had made it through half of one foot when it was brought to my attention that they may not fit and I couldn’t come up with a good method for doing a sneaky fitting test. So I ripped out the shorter of the two socks and am going to try the yarn in a different pattern and then pick which I like better. Hooray!

In other denial news, I cast on for another pair of Cable Twist socks today. I love these socks because they fly off my needles. Although some day I swear I will knit them with enough yarn. I knit the first repeat and weighed the yarn – 5 grams. I have a 99 gram skein of yarn and two socks so that’s 49.5 grams a piece. Which in theory would tell me that I can have 9 repeats. The only problem being that I just don’t like the cuff with only 3 repeats so I am trying to squeeze in four as though the foot portion will magically shrink. 😉 Sigh. Typing this is making me realize I am really truly going to have to rip back. And to think I turned the heel tonight! Unless of course, I knit the toe in a contrasting yarn. What’s a gal to do? I peered in my stash and none of my blues are remotely close. I do have some grey yarn that I am not hating. I just don’t want the socks to look half-assed. 🙂 They’re a gift for a very lovely person. Oh and they have to be knit by Sunday night.

Other mitigating factors: I have knit this pattern 3 other times. Twice in worsted using 211.2 yds and 215.6 yds and once in DK using 158 yds. I just feel like with this being on worsted again I should have enough yarn. Especially since I had enough yarn leftover in the DK to do another repeat. This pattern also has a lot of give in it. The cabling adds a lot of stretch.

Oh! I just remembered the foot won’t use as much yarn cause the bottom is in stockinette and has no cabling. Is that enough to save me?

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