Earth Day

Today’s Earth Day was moderately productive around here. 🙂 We will ignore the fairly large amounts of laundry I did today getting fabrics pre-washed for sewing this weekend. 😉 After work I went out to dinner with a chum and then got home a bit earlier than normal so I set to work on my bit of our yard. I have been debating building a compost bin for our backyard for awhile now so I asked the boy to come out and help me pick out a spot. I have to hand it to him he did pick out a rather excellent spot, hopefully I can get it started soon. 🙂

After that I set out Rounding Up the grass in the cracks of the sidewalk. I also winced at the dandelions that have some how sprung up in our yard. I will probably spread some weed and feed this weekend as it will be warm enough and there is no rain forecast. (Oh thanks for the reminder, the gutter topper people are coming tomorrow!) We also picked out which flower bed will be used as our garden so now it’s on me to get those plants dug up and replanted elsewhere. I just need to pick a spot to transplant them to.

Lastly we dug out the seeds. I got really excited about growing vegetables the other week and we haven’t done anything with the seeds we bought. 😛 So we got out the little seed starters and went about planting the seeds that need a bit of time growing indoors before planting outdoors. The other seeds we kind of missed the window on growing them indoors first but it’s ok because they will be ready for planting outside very soon. Actually, pretty much as soon as we can get the flower/garden bed ready. Hopefully something will come of these plantings and we won’t have lots of dead plants on our hands this year. 😉 *fingers crossed*

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