Three fourths

The status on Vivian is that I have decided to install the zipper and put it on and then decide about the hood. 🙂 Alas, I had to work late tonight and then my yummy meal wasn’t ready until about 730pm so there was no going to the store. Maybe Friday or Saturday I will make it to the fabric shop to find zippers, ribbon and baby flannel. Then I will be up to my ears in finishing. 🙂

So, in lieu of those events I cast on for a new project tonight. It’s the Fern Fitted Shell I linked to recently. I decided it was the best fit for the yarn since I had more than enough yarn to make it, in fact I have 100 yds extra. Or so I thought until I started swatching tonight. I *guess* it calls for Aran yarn and I *guess* my yarn is Worsted. 😛 Mistake #1 but quite typical for me. Then I did the stockinette swatch on US 7s and 8s but came up with the same gauge. Shocking really. So then I decided to just knit up a size but trying to reverse the maths wasn’t working well because it wasn’t a direct translation. Here’s a quote from an earlier conversation with a friend about my dilemma

st st = 4sts/in; pattern = 5.5sts/in and the cast on for my size divided by my size = 4.625

After deducing that, I did the only rational thing possible. I just cast on for the next size up. 🙂 If it is horribly small or large I will rip it. But if someone is smiling on me today, maybe, just maybe it will fit. 🙂 Oh and did I mention I will probably try to lengthen it too? It’s a good thing I have an extra 100ish yards to play with.

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